What is StuphMUD?

StuphMUD is an online multiplayer role-playing game. MUD stands for Multi-User Dimension (or Dungeon).

How do I play?

Connect to telnet://

Who's running it?

Demandred is administrating the server(s), and maintains a presence on Stuph. Ventric has been seen with some regularity, and Fraun has been providing development advice for the Pythonic aspect, which Demandred doesn't yet comprehend...

Current Status

Demandred has made progress at improving some of the more "legacy" aspects of Stuph. It now compiles to a 64-bit executable, so that it can link with system-wide libraries installed on its 64-bit home. Other developments are in the pipeline. Compilation of a roadmap, or at least a wishlist, will commence shortly.


2017-05-04: Still playing around with trying to generate coherent maps of Stuph's world. A futile endeavor, really... z=-1 z=-2 z=0 z=1 z=2 z=3 z=4 (only includes a few zones)

2017-05-01: Implement bookshelves!

2017-04-29: Minor bugfixes for mail system.

2017-04-28: Refactoring.

2017-04-23: Made mails and notes save their content (finally!!). Refactored mail system to use database. Fixed shopkeepers greedily hoarding sold items. Made shopkeepers save non-producing items across reboot. Re-implemented centralized banking code, and use it for all monetary transactions.

2017-04-16: Various refactoring and work on banking system.

2017-04-11: Recover object flag data after data transfer problem. Fix duplicate equipment bug.

2017-04-09: Fix search bug. Refactored various things. Other minor bugfixes.

2017-04-08: Separated table code into external library.

2017-04-05: Refactored many things.

2017-01-26: Refactoring. New web-related code.

2016-05-28: Minor fixes.

2016-04-24: New web features.

2016-04-09: Implement storage abstraction.

2015-12-20: Extension features.

2015-11-03: Refactored shop code to be a bit cleaner. Minor bugfixes.

2015-10-31: Happy Halloween! Fixed a bug relating to shop list item order. Refactored some shop code.

2015-10-25: Finally fixed the bug with boards. Sorry about that. Also made some changes so that multiline message writing is safer.

2015-10-02: Disk space had run out due to thrice-daily database backups. Database backup process rescheduled for once daily. Old backups archived, duplicates deleted. Stuph is back up. Sorry for the downtime.

2015-04-24: Wrote a Stuph weather simulation and plotting utility to see what the long-term weather cycles look like. Adjusted weather to be slightly less dreary.

2015-11-15: Refactored shop code some more. Fixed a bug relating to bugs/typos/ideas.

2015-04-18: Demandred fixed bugs related to saving exits and zone commands. It was reported that skills don't save but this didn't seem to be the case. Shops were also brought back to working status.

2014-09-06: After a longer-than-anticipated hiatus, server transfer is complete. DNS records are updated. A new era commences.

2014-08-18: New development halted until server transfer complete (next weekend?). Testing and minor bug fixes will continue.

2014-08-16: EC2 Reserved Instance acquired (3 year term).

2014-08-01: New development phase started.

2014-02-09: Domain transfer completed. Advance payment ensures this domain's existence for the next nine years.

2014-02-05: Initiated domain transfer process. Please wait...

2012-02-25: Received full world database from Fraun. Stuph is now up!

2012-02-25: Stuph compiles and runs, but the player database seems to be missing?

2012-02-22: Under Construction StuphMUD isn't installed on the server yet. It'll be up soon. In the meantime, stock CircleMUD is running at telnet:// Go kill some Beastly Fidos! :)

Future Improvements

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